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Medical Assistant

Medical assistants aid physicians in the examination and treatment of patients, in addition to performing various secretarial and administrative duties. Their responsibilities may include: checking vital signs, obtaining medical histories, preparing patients for examination, performing numerous basic laboratory tests, giving injections, applying bandages, recording electrocardiograms, cleaning and sterilizing instruments, and instructing patients about medication. Office duties may include answering the telephone, recording and filing patient data, completing insurance forms, handling correspondence and arranging outside services. In addition, they may keep the books of the practice and maintain billing and collections.

Arizona College’s medical assisting academic program is 3 quarters in length, each quarter consisting of 10 weeks. The student completes a 5 week clinical externship. The program length will be approximately 30 weeks in duration.

For more information about graduation and placement rates, the median debt of students who complete the program, and other important information, click here.

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